Welcome to We Are Always Sunday.

“I wanted to create a community that I could contribute to myself as well as feel inspired by. Always Sunday has naturally evolved through connections with our creative friends and continues to grow as we explore and discover new opportunities”

Here at Always Sunday we want you to feel inspired and unleash your creativity

Our Always Sunday Boltholes offer curated spaces to let you live like it’s Always Sunday. Centrally located in Bath we offer luxury accommodation and event space to explore the city.

Our Always Sunday Store connects with independent designers offering their unique homeware products. More than a store we also offer design and sourcing options.

Always Sunday Town+House, our restaurant and bar awakens all your senses. Discover our food and drink combinations with an Always Sunday twist.

Located in Bath, we love bringing people together….. whether you’re visiting or wanting to join our creative community, We Are Always Sunday is here to reinvent, create and collaborate.

Come and connect with us. Come and join our journey.