House rules

What is Always Sunday House?
An artistic salon, supper club and events space a home that connects the creative community.

Typically, who are your ‘creative friends’?
Incredible souls who help us produce something unique for events or our retail strand. We have worked with photographers, theatrical companies, musicians, fine artists, calligraphers, florists, dancers, chefs and more, but we’re always on the lookout for new ideas and more collaborations to keep us doing incredible things.

Where is Always Sunday House?
A private Georgian family home located on Bathwick Hill in Bath. We do not openly advertise our address unless requested via enquiries or event booking.

Can I visit Always Sunday House?
We welcome visitors strictly by appointment or at one of our public events via reservation. Always Sunday House is a private home that sometimes needs to be just that.

How do I get involved?
Reach out to us! If you want to collaborate, contribute or come to one of our events, direct message us on Instagram (@always_sunday_house) or through our website.

I’m coming to a supper club – what should I wear?
Wear what you like as long as you feel good – if it features sequins or feathers, we might well be wearing the same thing!

Do you have curfews in place?
We want Always Sunday house to be a home that no one wants to leave, but we would ask visitors to please be considerate of our family home and neighbours by acknowledging that we cannot raise the volume past 11pm nor can we encourage naked streaking around the garden – none of our neighbours want to see two full moons!

Is everything really for sale?
Mostly, yes! Souvenirs from your evening can be purchased from our retail shop or through our gallery sales. We pride ourselves on evolving as people and in our space – every item is sourced with the purpose of being used, enjoyed and sold. You can find many of our products at Always Sunday Store in Bath or online, and we are in the process of launching an interiors consultation/home styling division, so watch this space.

Can I take photos while I’m there?
Snap and film your heart out as long as the guests you capture are in agreement with your paparazzi moments. And where possible, please follow our ethos of connecting the creative community by kindly tagging your social media posts with the Instagram handles of corresponding creative friends.

What is behind all the doors marked ‘Private’?
Miniature horses and obviously a few unicorns. Or possibly messy bedrooms with dirty clothes on the floor that aren’t really part of our planned experience when you visit the house. These rooms are best left alone, so for your safety and our embarrassment we ask you to keep those doors shut – no peeking or nosing around!

Is Always Sunday House accessible for wheelchairs?
Unfortunately, those Georgians didn’t have modern folks in mind when they made the wonky steps (and there are so very many!) or the strange bends of our hallways and narrow doorways. We do not aim to exclude anyone, but unfortunately the house is not easily accessible for wheelchairs.

How do I find out about upcoming events, workshops and more?
Sign up to our mailing list! We also have regular daily updates on Instagram (@always_sunday_house), on Twitter (@AlwaysSunday_hq) and on this very website, on our ‘Events’ page.